Community Christian Day School was established in 1974 under the sponsorship of the Feasterville Community Reformed Church. We are state licensed and our Early Childhood Education experienced teachers are state certified.

We offer your child a sound educational program and group socialization. Each child is motivated to develop their innate abilities and stimulate their thinking.

Our school strives to create a spirit of enthusiasm and encourages student and parent participation. Each classroom provides an atmosphere that is conductive to learning through the use of creative structure materials. Working together as a team of parents and educators, we can bring unlimited benefit to your children.


We offer a total program specifically designed to educate the whole child, from cradle to classroom.

Infants Class: 8 Weeks to 14 months
Toddlers Class: 15 months to 24 months
Pre-Nursery: 2 years to 3 years old
Nursery: 3 years to four years old
Pre-Kindergarten: four years to five years old
Kindergarten: five years to six years old

Activities include: opening devotions, creative arts and crafts projects, reading readiness, language arts, math readiness, music, story time, dramatics, health, science, social studies, geography, field trips, physical education, computer education, library, phonics, handwriting, and learning centers.


Tours can be requested by contacting CCDS Director, Lani Minch, at 215-322-1245, or by email using the contact form.